Whether you are self employed or a salary earner, you need not to "eat with two hands" You've got to set something aside for tomorrow; when you retire.

RETIREMENT is a MUST and is as sure as death. If you realise this fact and have considered how you will manage when you are old and cannot work; and you have decided to provide for that imminent period, a UNION HOME RETIREMENT/PENSION SAVINGS ACCOUNT is the account specially designed to hold such provision.

AUNION HOMES RETIREMENT/PENSION SAVINGS ACCOUNT gives you a re-assurance that life can indeed be sweet at retirement. But this will also depend on how you save today.

You can open a UNION HOMES RETIREMENT/PENSION with just #5,300 and thereafter make deposits monthly or quarterly.

You can even make additional deposits whenever you choose. Then you will get a pleasant surprise when you see how your savings has grown on retirement especially as it attracts higher interest rates.

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